People at ORI CES

Board of Directors

Carol Metzler, PhD, President — ORI Science Director and Senior Scientist
Chris Arthun, MEd, Secretary — ORI Director of Finance & Administration
Steve Golston, PhD, MBA, Treasurer — Community Member, Business Consultant
Grant Edmonds, PhD — ORI Research Scientist
Laurence Hamblen, JD —  Community Member, Lane County Legal Aid Service, ED, Retired
Hy Hops, PhD — ORI Senior Scientist
Erika Westling, PhD — ORI Scientist
Lisa Roth, PhD — Community Member, Trillium Behavioral Health Division Manager


Deb Johnson-Shelton, PhD, Executive Director  —  ORI Scientist
Susan Long, MS, Office Manager — ORI Administrative Assistant
Phil Warner, BS, Accounting Specialist — ORI Payroll Administrator


ORI CES has ongoing research, evaluation, and service projects conducted by investigators and support staff.

See Projects pages for more information.